With BJY, a new Rahul has taken birth: Antony

Heaping praise on Rahul Gandhi, veteran Congressman and former Defence Minister A.K. Antony on Monday said that “with the Bharat Jodo Yatra ending in Kashmir a new Rahul has taken birth”.

Antony said this at a party function and added that this Yatra of Rahul was unique, the country has ever seen.

“With the yatra coming to a close, I am seeing a new Rahul and this Yatra will come to a close only when the present BJP government is sent packing at the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. The yatra has helped Rahul to see an India which has now realised that this is going to be re-birth of him,” said Antony, while taking part in a party event here,

“The aim of the Congress for the yatra was a unification of the democratic forces,” added Antony, who was caught on the backfoot last week when his son Anil Antony slammed the BBC for the documentary on Narendra Modi.

This outburst saw Antony’s colleagues slamming his son, who quit the party posts the next day. This is the first time after his son’s episode that Antony was seen on a public platform and that too in the company of leaders who took on his son.




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