With SBL, Amir Khan making foray as a promoter in Dubai

Two-time World champion boxer Amir Khan is all set to make an appearance as a promoter in Dubai, putting together a card along with Super Boxing League in association with World Boxing Council. He is currently training for his retirement clash with Kell Brook.

The Amir Khan Crypto Fight Night, which will be held in Dubai on Saturday, will feature among others Neeraj Goyat, the WBC Asian Champion, other marked Pro Indian names like Chandni Mehra, Shivani Dahiya, Sandeep Kumar, and Sachin Nautiyal. Also, British boxer Abdul Khan, the National Youth ABA champion, will be making his pro debut. The main card and undercard will have crypto fights that Amir Khan is promoting in association with Bill Dosanjh, SBL’s CEO and Founder.

Amir Khan, who won a silver medal in the Athens Olympics in 2004, talks about his current preoccupation and the work being done by the Amir Khan Foundation in this interview. ExcerptsQ: How do you assess your career as a boxer so far? Are you satisfied with the way things have gone so far?

A: Nothing to complain about. Things have been good with God’s grace. There is also a hunger to achieve more and I keep working towards them.

Q: Do you have any regrets as far as boxing goes? Anything you thought you could have done differently?

A: I come from a family that has made phenomenal contributions to the combat sports fraternity. My younger brother Haroon Khan (Harry) is a Commonwealth Games bronze medallist, while my cousin Abdul Khan is all set to make his pro debut SBL Crypto Fight Night. So boxing is in the blood.

Q: You have taken up a lot of ventures — are involved in gyms, are a promoter, and also an organiser of events — what is your primary passion?

A: Boxing, in one word my passion is boxing. Apart from this, I believe in the art of giving. Through the Amir Khan Foundation and the Amir Khan Academy, I am involved in a number of charitable initiatives internationally.

Q: Can you say something about your involvement with Super Boxing League and the upcoming crypto fight night?

A: Super Boxing League is mine and Bill Dosanjh’s brainchild. Bill is the founder of the Super Boxing League. We both came together a long way and after connecting the right cords for putting up a grand show we launched the same. We launched in India in League format, then we launched in Saudi Arabia with SBL Jeddah Season and now in Dubai with the Amir Khan Crypto Fight Night. I am and I will always keep supporting Bill and his vision.

Q: Can you tell something about your next bout?

A: Will let you know soon.

Q: You are currently in the United States and training? How is that going?

A: It was good, have been keeping very busy with the training camp. I came back sometime back to Dubai for the forthcoming Amir Khan crypto fight night, a Super Boxing League initiative. Have been busy with the preparations for the same.

Q: What are your plans for the future related to boxing?

A: Highly aspire to make an ecosystem globally and we are working towards the same. Also between me and Bill, who is the Founder of Super Boxing League, we are working on expanding the format globally with events, gyms, etc.