With sky-high inflation, India awaits SL’s fate: Maha Congress

The Maharashtra Congress on Wednesday urged the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government at the Centre to pay urgent attention to the galloping inflation failing which matters could become explosive and India would head the Sri Lanka way.

In a statement, the party’s chief spokesperson Atul Londhe said that India is encountering the same situation that Sri Lanka faced three years ago that has culminated into a crisis in the island nation now.

“The BJP is neglecting the fundamental problems of the citizens and instead raking up religious and communal political issuesa Inflation is on the rise, but the BJP government painting a false picture to mislead the country,” said Londhe sharply.

He cautioned that if urgent steps are not taken considering the gravity of the country’s economic situation “it won’t be long for the situation in the country to become explosive”.

He narrated how the prices of all essentials have skyrocketed in the past 4-5 years under the BJP rule.

“In Nagpur, an LPG cooking gas cylinder which cost just Rs 410 in 2014 has shot to Rs 1,100, petrol-diesel cross the Rs 100-mark long back edible oil prices have hike up from Rs 70 to Rs 200, CNG rates have gone up from Rs 36 to Rs 90 and prices of all other vegetables and grocery have also gone up hugely,” said Londhe.

All this have immensely overburdened the common masses but the government is playing with numbers to portray a misleading picture that ‘inflation is under control’, and attempts are made to convey a contrary image that prices have gone down by reducing the prices of some food-grains.

“The government may create such falsehoods by playing with numbers but the reality is very different. Today, the country’s debt has risen to 92 per cent of the GDP and they will have to repay a debt of $267 billion by next month,” he said.

Londhe alleged that the government is not allowing these facts to emerge on the public domain, and instead diverting public attention by dragging in religion and communal passions, but the people have realised it.

“All this will cost us dearly… The Congress has been protesting against the wrong policies of the BJP government and demands that it should tackle the basic problems hitting the masses on priority, or there will be serious consequences,” said Londhe.

In the past year, the state Congress carried out a series of anti-inflation agitations across Maharashtra and joined similar national level protests organised by the central party leaders.




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