Woman bandit released from UP jail after 17 years

A one-time dreaded woman bandit, Sarla Jatav was finally released from the Etawah jail where she spent 17 years.

Jatav walked out of prison on Saturday after the Allahabad High Court granted her release on a petition moved by her brother Vijay Singh.

Etawah jail superintendent Ram Dhani Singh said that Jatav was released on court orders and she left the jail with her family members without talking to the media persons who had gathered outside.

Jatav had been convicted and awarded a life sentence in jail.

She had been arrested from the Etawah railway station in 2005 while she was trying to board a train. She was named in several cases of murder, attempt to murder, kidnapping, extortion, etc. She carried a reward of Rs one lakh on her head.

Jatav had been kidnapped by dacoit Nirbhay Gujjar when she was merely 11 years old and taken to the ravines.

At the age of 14, she was married off to Shyam, adopted son of Nirbhay Gujjar and went on to become an active member of Nirbhay Gujjar’s gang.

Despite living in the ravines, Jatav was known to be extremely beautiful and fashion conscious.

‘She was known to wear jeans, branded shades and make-up while she was in the ravines,” said a retired police official who was posted in Etawah during that time.




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