Woman delivers on roadside, locals lend help in MP’s Khargone


A group of local women became medical staff and ‘sarees’ became the walls for a 22-year-old woman, who delivered a baby boy on a roadside in Madhya Pradesh’s Khargone district.

The woman was on the way to the district hospital on a bike on Sunday when she experienced labour pain and was unable to travel further.

Her father, who was riding the bike, had no option but to stop on the roadside and seek help from the locals.

Seeing the woman writhing in excessive labour pain, a group of women rushed to her help. They put up a wall of ‘sarees’ around her and helped her deliver the baby on the road.

The locals dialled for the 108 Ambulance also known as ‘Janani Express’, but it could not reach on time. The people also alerted the district hospital.

However, by the time the chief medical officer along with nurses arrived, the woman had delivered a healthy baby boy.

After that, both the mother and her baby were taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

“The woman delivered the baby before we could reach the spot. Boy is healthy, weighs 2.27 kg, and both mother and son are doing well,” said a doctor in the Khargone district hospital.

The doctor also claimed that her due date was March 19 but her family wanted the delivery to take place at home.

The family had not even called for 108 ambulance when they were in their village, added the doctor.



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