Woman gets husband killed by contract killer over illicit affair

A 40-year-old woman got her husband killed by a contract killer over an illicit affair with another man, an official said on Thursday.

The accused were identified as Zeeba Qureshi (40), Shoaib (29) and the contract killer Vinit Goswami.

Furnishing details, DCP Shweta Chauhan said on May 17 at about 10 p.m., a sensational firing incident took place in front of gate No 3 Khalsa School at Kalidas Road which is a densely populated area of Daryaganj, Delhi. The complainant Rukmuddin Qureshi stated that his elder brother Moinuddin Qureshi was present at workshop, at about 10 p.m. when he came out to urinate near gate No 3 Khalsa School. Suddenly the complainant heard firing sound and saw that blood was oozing out from the body of his brother Moinuddin. His brother told him that someone had fired upon him. The complainant took Moinuddin to LNJP Hospital where he succumbed to gunshot injury.

Accordingly, the police registered a case under section 302 of the Indian Penal Code at Daryaganj police station.

During investigation, details of similar cases of gunshot murders and firing incidents occurred in Delhi were obtained. On analysis of the CCTV footage & technical surveillance, it was ascertained that the shooters involved may have belonged to the state of UP as a white colour motorcycle used in commission of murder was found abandoned near Tara Hotel, Daryaganj and on verification it was found stolen from Meerut, UP.

“More than 500 CCTV footages, examination of more than 100 public persons and local human intelligence got information about the accused persons involved in the said offence and all the three were apprehended,” the official said.

During interrogation it was learnt that accused Zeeba Qureshi was not happy with her husband and she wanted to get rid of him and to solemnize “Nikah” with some other person.

About 2 years ago, she came in contact with accused Shoaib through Facebook and after that both of them started meeting each other. Accused Zeeba Qureshi lured and instigated accused Shoaib to kill her husband and to marry her. After that accused Shoaib searched for a contract killer and he came in contact with Vinit Goswami and he consented to kill Moinuddin Qureshi in lieu of Rs 6 lakh.

On May 17 at about 10 p.m., when Moinuddin Qureshi was urinating near near gate No 3 Khalsa School, accused Vinit Goswami shot him at a very close range and both of them ran away from the spot on the stolen white colour motorcycle having a fake number plate.

All the three accused have been arrested under relevant sections and further probe is still on, the official added.




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