Woman held for husband’s murder


In a shocking incident, a woman killed her fourth husband in Nagram, on the outskirts of the state capital, and then dressed up the crime scene to mislead the police.

According to reports, the deceased Avadesh was staying at the house of his in-laws in Nagram.

His wife Gyanvati, on Wednesday morning, started shouting that someone had killed her husband.

When police officials arrived at the spot, they saw Avadesh lying dead in his undergarments. The body bore cuts and was smeared with mud.

Avadesh’s father, however, told police that he suspected his son had been murdered by Gyanvati. Avadesh was her fourth husband.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Khyati Garg, told reporters that “During investigation, the probe team found that Avadesh’s clean shirt and trousers were hanging on a peg in the room. His wife said that Avadesh had gone out and she was sleeping in the room. When she woke up, she found him lying dead.”

When she was grilled about how the body was smeared with mud and the deceased was in his under garments, Gyanvati had no answer.

She later broke down during interrogation and confessed to having killed her husband.

She said that her husband had returned home drunk the previous night and they had a fight after which she mixed pesticide in water and gave it to him.

When Avadesh felt dizzy, he realized that he had been poisoned and started accusing Gyanvati, who then attacked him with a wooden plank.

She dressed up the crime scene by taking off his shirt and trousers and slashed his throat and other limbs with a blade. She also smeared his body with mud.

In the morning, she pretended to have seen her husband’s body and started crying out.

Gyanvati was arrested on Thursday and sent to jail She has been booked for murder and tampering of evidence.