Woman killed by elephant in Assam’s Golaghat

A woman in Assam’s Golaghat district was trampled to death in an attack by a wild elephant on Monday, officials said.

Police said that the incident happened in Adarsh Gaon near Panbari area in Bokakhat of the district.

The deceased has been identified as Reena Das.

As per locals, the woman went to a nearby paddy field for some work where a wild elephant confronted her. She was seriously injured due to the tusker’s attack and was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital by the villagers, but declared dead there.

It is assumed that the elephant was staying in that area for some time in search of food.

The incidence of human-elephant conflict has been on the rise in Assam for the last year. In the last week, at least three people, including a one-and-half-year-old child, were killed due to an attack by a herd of wild elephants in Goalpara district. Two persons were also critically injured in the same incident.




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