A woman who was going to a visit her relatives following a death in the family blasted protesting farmers when she was unable to cross the Dasna toll plaza on Saturday.

Farmers are blocking the toll plazas to register the 100th day of their protest.

The farmers have started their protesting at the Dasna toll plaza enroute to Kundli.

The woman who was going to visit her relative following a death of a kin, faced problem in crossing the toll plaza. Despite requests, when the woman and her husband failed to cross the plaza, she finally broke down and blasted the protesters. She started screaming which required security and other protesters to approach her to handle the situation.

She able to make the journey across the plaza after the commotion.

Farmers who reached the Dasna toll plaza from Ghazipur border to register their protest had promised that the protests would be “totally peaceful”.

The farmers have also blocked the Eastern Peripheral Expressway and stopped vehicles.