Woman on dialysis delivers still born


In a rare medical feat, the doctors at the King George’s Medical University (KGMU) in Lucknow helped a woman on dialysis, deliver a child.

Though the baby did not survive after birth, the patient, Nidhi, 23, survived multiple organ failure due to a complicated pregnancy which could have killed her too.

The KGMU, on Wednesday, hailed the case as a landmark achievement in obstetrics critical care.

Nidhi, who belongs to Farrukhabad district, was discharged this week after a month-long ICU stay which included her being put on ventilator support.

She also underwent respiratory failure, shock with acute kidney injury, severe acid imbalance and intrauterine death of baby.

Prof Rekha Sachan of Queen Mary’s Hospital, the gynaecology wing of KGMU, said, “A Caesarean delivery could not be performed as she had extreme acid imbalance and respiratory failure. We had to first stabilize her acid levels, get her kidney to relieve some urine, put her on dialysis and only then could perform the normal delivery to get the dead baby out.”

She further said, “To the best of our knowledge, it is for the first time in the state that any patient has undergone normal delivery while still on dialysis,” said KGMU spokesperson Dr Sudhir Singh.

The patient is now doing fine.