Woman RPF constable saves woman from coming under train in Maha

Displaying quick thinking and courage, a woman Railway Police Force official saved a 27-year-old woman from getting run over by a suburban train at Virar station in Maharashtra’s Palghar, a Western Railway spokesperson said on Friday.

The incident occurred on Thursday morning when Neha Ankesh was attempting to catch a crowded suburban train at Virar station in Palghar, said WR chief cpokesperson Sumit Thakur.

Just then, RPF Head Constable Yamini Kant Mishra, on duty on Platform No 2, saw the woman slipping and falling while trying to board the train.

Without losing a moment, Mishra immediately lunged forward, caught Ankesh and pulled her up, saving her from falling into the gap between the train and platform and possible death.

Mishra guided her to a bench, summoned first aid by an emergency doctor who treated some minor injuries on the shocked Ankesh’s back.

After recovering and feeling better, a shaken Ankesh expressed her gratitude to Mishra for saving her life and then left.

Thakur added that under the ‘Jeevan Raksha’ initiative, the RPF jawans go beyond the call of duty to save lives and Mishra’s action was another sterling example in this direction.




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