Women cops at Delhi police station allege harassment by male officer

The Delhi Police’s Special Commissioner, Vigilance has received a complaint from women staff of south Delhi’s Fatehpur Beri police station against duty officer, head constable Mahavir Singh, for sexually harassing them.

The women personnel also alleged that the head constable also indulged in taking bribes, misbehaving and insulting the police station staff, and was even involved in extortion.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, South, Chandan Chowdhary said that an enquiry has been initiated. However, a month after the complaint, there was no information regarding the head constable’s suspension or being sent to police lines, pending the enquiry.

According to the complaint, Mahavir, posted as ‘Chitta Munshi’ or duty officer at the police station, misbehaves and sexually harasses women police personnel, seeking physical relations for giving them duty posts of their choice.

The women police personnel also alleged that the head constable’s post of ‘Chitta Munshi’ is not appropriate as per standing order of Police Commissioner.

“Mahavir Singh even takes bribes in cash and valuable items for granting leave to certain officers. He also tries to manipulate duty records of the police station and also officers on duty are never given women staff, if needed, saying that there is a shortage of staff,” the complaint read.

“Even the station house officer (SHO) believes and runs the police station according to Chitta. HC Mahavir Singh also asks the beat staff to allow bribes and extortion,” it added.

The women personnel also alleged that when they complained to the SHO, he replied that he and Mahavir Singh are both are male officers and no one will believe them as “they are women”.

The women police personnel also alleged that the head constable uses his links in different departments to stop complaints against him and that is why no action is taken till now.

“Whenever a senior officer asks for a reply on certain complaints, he forces 2-3 staff officers to reply to the complaint in his favour using his power to create pressure on them. His confidence has increased so much that he is fearless in performing illegal activities in the area,” the women said.




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