Hyderabad, Jan 13 (IANS) A flash protest by women against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) triggered mild tension in the Toli Chowki area here Sunday night.

Taking the police completely off-guard, few women began the protest under the Toli Chowki flyover on Sunday. Holding the national flag and raising slogans against the CAA, they squatted on the road.

The number of protestors swelled as more women and youth joined them. The youth were raising slogans like “Modi teri tanashahi, nai chalegi, nahi chalegi”, “Hum kiya mangen, Azadi” and “kaala kanoon wapas lo” ( Modi your dictatorship cannot run, We want freedom, Withdraw the black law).

The protest led to mild tension and disrupted traffic at the busy intersection.

When the police arrived on the scene and tried to forcibly remove them, the protesters demanded that they be allowed to peacefully continue their protest.

The protesters alleged that the police were curbing their democratic right by not allowing them to protest.

Senior police officials tried to persuade the women and youth to end the protest. The standoff continued till 3 a.m.

As the protesters refused to leave the place, police forcibly removed and shifted them to police vehicles. They were carried to Goshamahal and Golconda police stations.

A youth was injured in the scuffle with the police.

This was the second flash protest by women and youth from various organisations in three days.

Hundreds of people with national flags had staged protest in Mehdipatnam on the night of January 10.




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