Woody Allen claims “thrill” of filmmaking is gone

Noted filmmaker Woody Allen is not one to give interviews. The noted movie maker, who is now 86 years old seemed to hint that the movie he is working on right now could well be his last.

Woody Allen also shared in the interview that when it comes to making films, “a lot of the thrill is gone.”

The actor and comedian was hailed by all for this acclaimed movie, but he suffered a lot of brickbats and humiliation when his adopted daughter accused him of abusing her sexually when she was a child.

Woody Allen gave a rate interview on Tuesday, June 28 and spoke to actor Alec Baldwin on Baldwin’s Instagram show for nearly a half hour.

Alec Baldwin, too has been mired in controversy because he accidentally shot dead the cinematographer of his upcoming movie.

Speaking about his movies, Woody Allen said, “I’m probably making this one more movie but a lot of the thrill is gone.”

Woody Allen further said that the excitement of the movie cam from the fact that it would be shown in theatres. However, these days audience are most comfortable streaming movies on the digital platforms.

Allen said, “I don’t get the same fun as doing a movie and putting it in a theatre. It was a nice feeling to know that 500 people were seeing it at once. I don’t know how I feel about making movies. I’m going to make another one and I’ll see how it feels.”

Alec Baldwin had announced this interview on Sunday and the objective behind the interview was to talk about Woody Allen’s book, Zero Gravity’.

Speaking about the interview, Alec Baldwin said, “I have ZERO INTEREST in anyone’s judgments and sanctimonious posts here.” During the interview, Alec Baldwin was careful not to ask anything about the sexual abuse. Woody Allen anyway has always denied all accusations against him quite vehemently.



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