World Book Day: Kajol reveals what reading means to her


Actress Kajol spoke of why it is important to keep reading, on the occasion of World Book Day on Friday.

“Reading provides you knowledge as well as nurtures your language skills. My love for reading is eternal. It is a process that keeps your mind busy and also helps in stress reduction. Knowledge gives you wisdom and no wisdom is a waste. I have always championed that we should push our kids to embrace the habit of reading; it helps throughout life,” the actress, who often posts about her love for books on social media, tells IANS:

The actress reveals American author Sarah Maas is her all-time favourite.

“Sarah J. Maas has always been close to my heart. She is brilliant and whatever she writes truly connects with you. I have read almost all of her work but if you ask the most favourite, then it is ‘Crescent City’ and ‘The Throne Of Glass’. These two books are just amazing,” says the actress.