World Brain Day 2022: Adopt these lifestyle changes for best brain health

Today, July 22, is marked as World Brain Day and it is celebrated each year to raise awareness about brain health. The proposal to observe July 22 as World Brain Day was proposed by the World Federation of Neurology, which was founded and established on this very date in the year 1957. In 2014, the Federation proposed that July 22 be observed as World Brain Day.

Like with most ‘Days’ World Brain Day also has a theme every year and the theme for 2022 reads, “Brain Health for all”.

Brain health is the most critical for optimum functioning of the body. There are so many factors that affect brain health and these include biological factors, social factors, psychological factors as well as cognitive factors.

On World Brain Day, let’s look at some critical lifestyle changes you can make to prevent any disorders from happening.

Sleep eight hours

Sleep is the basic foundation of mental health and bed time is critical as it provides the constantly working brain some much needed R&R. Lack of sleep or erratic sleep schedules bring with a host of mental and physical ailments for the body.

Exercise everyday

Being physically active and moving the body for atleast 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week is the bedrock of a healthy lifestyle. Exercise will keep the body fit, but it also directly impacts the brain positively as well. Regular exercising improves memory and it is known to reduce anxiety, dementia and depression.

Don’t smoke

It has been observed that smokes tend to have thinner cerebral cortex than non-smokers. This is the part of the brain that is primarily responsible for reasoning and thinking skills.

Consciously relax

Continuous stress is linked to higher incidence of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Reducing stress consciously and maintaining a daily routine which has relaxation time built in is required to keep stress at bay. Unwind and relax for some time, no matter how busy you are.

Connect and communicate Covid and pandemic has isolated everyone, and so it is all the more imperative to reach out and stay connected with friends and family. Isolation and non-communication have a negative impact on brain health. So, it is necessary to go out and spend time with near and dear one, new stimulating conversations help the brain stay healthy and active.



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