World responding to soil policy: Sadhguru

Sadhguru Jagadish Vasudev said that the world is responding to soil policy, but citizens of the world must continue to amplify their voices.

He was speaking during the signing of ‘Save Soil’ Memorandum of Understanding with the Goa government on Tuesday.

“Everybody is part of this problem (soil degradation). Everyone has contributed to it knowingly or unknowingly, and now the only way to resolve it is that we have to be part of the solution,” Sadhguru said.

“The body you carry is soil. The clothes you wear is soil. The chair that you sit on is soil. Tell me one thing which is not soil. Everything we dug out from earth… Did you bring something from mars? From your physical body to everything we use has come from soil. And we just forgot that this is the source of our life. We started treating it as a resource. The moment you treat the source as a resource there is a sacrilege, which will bring enormous pain to us,” he said.

Sadhguru termed soil as the largest living system with a trillion species of life. “… Top soil scientists of the world are admitting that they know less than one per cent of species present in the soil; when you know only one per cent, you should not mess with it,” he asserted.

“Save soil movement is not protest or agitation. This is an expression of our love and responsibility for the life… ,” Sadhguru said.

“Before 1950, this country and many parts of the world had witnessed extreme famines. Once again we are driving the world to famine. Famine is the worst possible way to die, war is much better because you are shot and dead. Famine is slow fade, it will take three to four months for human being to die,” he said.




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