Writer Rohan Shankar on why ‘Helmet’ has effortless comedy

Rohan Shankar, writer of the upcoming comedy film ‘Helmet’, shares how the story has effortless comedy and why it is the right time to release such films for the family audience.

Talking about how the story of the film materialised, Rohan said, “Helmet’s concept came to me via Satramm (Ramani, the director). We were working as assistant directors together before. Then I wrote my first film ‘Lal Baugh Chi Rani’ and after that Satramm told me about this idea which he developed with a few of his friends. When I heard it, I felt it was super interesting. I loved the concept and I immediately started thinking about the substance, subject, and depth I could add to such a fun film.”

“I was never hesitant about working on this film but always felt the responsibility to tell this story, since the time I heard the concept. Condom is such a word in this country that whenever someone says ‘condom’ people laugh so I really didn’t have to make an effort in making people laugh,” he added.

“But apart from that we also had to research on different aspects on why do people react like this and the way people buy the product. I had to be aware of these things before writing the story so that the film connects with the audience. Now that the conversation is changing, I feel this is the correct time for the film’s release,” he signed off.

The film ‘Helmet’ featuring Aparshakti Khurrana, Abhishek Banerjee, Pranutan Bahl, Anurita Jha, Ashish Verma is releasing on September 3, on Zee5.