Yesterday once more: Skyroom is back in new avatar

As you walk down the main thoroughfare in Kolkata’s key arterial stretch of Southern Avenue, you can find a quaint narrow alley that will lead you to a whole new world of a vintage city.

Hand-painted walls adorned with centuries-old Belgian mirrors, Victorian-era furniture and its dimly-lit picturesque ambience will certainly transport you to the bygone time of Kolkata when this eastern metropolis used to be ruled by the East India Company and a few landed families. With the turn of a doorknob, The Olde House by the Lakes will welcome you into the dazzling magic-charm of Kolkata’s yesteryears.

The 40-seater cosy cafe, which was opened on February 14 this year, offers an array of gastronomic delights to its food lovers with the unmistakable flavour of its signature platters – be it chicken a la kiev, juicy steaks rare, chicken tetrazzini, lobster thermidor, chicken Sicilianor the new additions like Greek fish.

“We are getting a very good response since we opened the outlet and interestingly people between the age group of 45 and 60 are coming to The Olde House frequently. They always look for a cosy place to chat, spend quality time and savour lip-smacking delicacies which, I hope, they are getting under one roof of The Olde House by the Lakes. We are trying to give them a complete fine-dine experience,” said The Olde House manager Amit Roy.

He said that the spirited Dattas of The Olde House have joined hands with none other than Vikram Malhotra from the house of the erstwhile Skyroom and Blue Fox to recreate the sophisticated era of fine food from their kitchen. In a whole, a piece of the Sky awaits you at The Olde House by the Lakes in Kolkata where taste buds tingle and conversation can flow, for hours.

Roy said that the young people want booze but as of now booze is not being served at the restaurant. He said that they are trying to procure a short-week licence to serve liquor, especially on the weekends.

Talking about its authentic dishes, The Olde House’s executive chef Hemant Patra told IANS that old-timers may well remember how the prawn cocktails of Skyroom used to be flown to Delhi for the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

“True to style, the delectable pistachios are also being served here in small plates on the platter of The Olde House which was surely an unforgettable treat for Skyroom visitors,” Patra said, pointing out that the Datta-Malhotra duo has seen to it that the signature dishes of the famous Sky cuisine have retained their place in The Olde House menu in Kolkata also.

The duo has truly left no stone unturned to bring back the taste of authentic cuisine with perfect ambience as a special gift to the City of Joy. “One can also have some memorable desserts like the baked Alaska that are unbelievably as exciting as the true old days,” he added.