Yogi Babu-starrer fantasy film titled ‘Yaanai Mugathaan’

Malayalam director Rejishh Midhila’s upcoming Tamil fantasy film, in which comedian Yogi Babu plays the lead, has been titled ‘Yaanai Mugathaan’.

Interestingly, the director, who is well-known in Malayalam film industry, is making his debut in Tamil with this film.

Sources close to the unit say that Yogi Babu plays a character called Ganesh in the film. Interestingly, the name of the character actor Ramesh Tilak plays in the film is Ganesh too.

“Both characters– played by Yogi Babu and Ramesh Tilak respectively– are called Ganesh. Ramesh Tilak plays an auto driver in the film and is extremely devoted to Lord Ganesha. His character has the habit of procuring a loan from every person he meets. His character often gets into problems by failing to pay the debts,” says the source.

“In the film, Yogi Babu introduces himself as Vinayagar to Ramesh Tilak and makes a demand. As a result, a sudden set of developments happen, changing their lives. What happens then is what the story is about,” the source adds.

The shooting of the film, which started in Chennai, continued in Rajasthan.

Actress Oorvasi too will be seen playing a pivotal character in the film. She plays a character called ‘Malli Akka’, the owner of the apartment in which both Yogi Babu and Ramesh Thilak live.

Karunakaran plays a small pan masala shop owner called Michael.

Apart from the lead artistes, the film will also feature George Maryan, Hareesh Peradi, Kulappulli Leela (“Marudhu” Paati) and Nagavishal in important roles




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