Yogi directs special teams to check viral fever cases


Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has instructed state officials to prevent the spread of communicable diseases.

Talking cognizance of viral fever cases in Mathura, Mainpuri and Firozabad districts, hr has asked state officials to deploy special medical teams in these areas.

The Chief Minister, according to the state government spokesman, said: “Covid-19 infection has been controlled in the state due to the efforts of the Uttar Pradesh government but effective efforts should be continued for the prevention of communicable diseases during the rainy season.

“In such a situation there should not be any carelessness in view of the communicable and viral diseases. There should be adequate availability of medicines for the treatment of communicable diseases in all hospitals at every level.”

Yogi directed that cleanliness, sanitisation and fogging work should be done regularly in rural and urban areas and extensive arrangements should be made to prevent waterlogging.