Yogi govt to make record purchase of pulses through women

The Uttar Pradesh government, after making a record procurement of wheat, is now set to make a record purchase of oilseeds and pulses from the state farmers.

The state government has made the necessary preparations, including setting up of firms that will carry out the task.

The scheme will be launched in Bundelkhand first where women will be entrusted with the responsibility of buying oilseeds and pulses from local farmers.

The government aims at, both, giving farmers of UP their due by elevating their income and living standards and empowering women and making them self-reliant through the initiative.

The initiative will not only give women employment opportunities, but also allow them to become shareholders in the companies purchasing the crops, thereby increasing their income manifold.

According to the government spokesman, the membership drive for interested women is going on in full swing.

Chief minister Yogi Adityanath had earlier launched the pulses and oilseeds value chain project. The government has completed preparations for launching the scheme in two districts of Bundelkhand. It will start with the purchase of Kharif crop in the month of September-October.

The Jhalkari Bai Mahila Kisan Producer Company Limited has already been formed to start operating the project.

The three-year project will see inclusion of 17,700 women as shareholders. Women belonging to 250 villages will purchase pulses and oilseeds in three development blocks of Mahoba and four of Jhansi.

The Yogi Government is continuously working to empower the girl child and women of the state through its various schemes since it assumed office over four years ago.

The state government has formed a company of women in five cities and engaged them in buying milk and now preparations have been intensified to engage these women in the purchase of pulses and oilseeds in the Kharif crop.

The schemes will see empowerment of women of Bundelkhand region.