Yogi to open office for UP residents in Mumbai soon

The Uttar Pradesh government is going to set up a new office in Mumbai with the aim of enabling the residents of Uttar Pradesh living there to invest in their home state, protect their interests and ensure their social security.

According to official sources, through this office, it will be possible to connect with all the residents of Uttar Pradesh who have been living in Mumbai for a long time for job or business purposes.

According to an estimate, about 50 to 60 lakh people of north Indian origin are part of Mumbai’s 1.84 crore population, with the largest number of people belonging to Uttar Pradesh.

They have been living in Mumbai for a long time and from time to time, come to their homes in different districts of Uttar Pradesh.

The people of UP have made remarkable contributions in many fields like industry, service sector, retail trade, transport, food business, factory or mill in Mumbai. There are many areas where they play a big role in the lives of the residents of Mumbai.

The residents of UP have also done remarkable work in Mumbai in the field of industry and startups. There is a big contribution of entrepreneurs from UP in industries like information technology, film, television, manufacturing, finance, food processing etc.

Through the proposed office, the migrants living in Mumbai will be made aware of the possibilities of investment in tourism, culture and other sectors in Uttar Pradesh and they will be motivated to set up enterprises here.Along with this, a favourable and attractive business environment will also be prepared for them here after consulting them.

Similar steps will be taken for the workers in the unorganised sector so that their interests are protected and they are made aware of the new possibilities.




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