York police respond to record number of break-ins 

York police say there is an upward trend in break and enters across the region as daylight hours have grown shorter.

“Shorter daylight hours and increased trips away from the house may be making easier targets for enterprising criminals,” said Superintendent Russ Bellman, officer in command of #1 District. “Last year, in the midst of the pandemic, residents were spending more time in their homes.”

Between November 7 and 21 this year, police have investigated 77 break and enters regionwide, according to a news release issued on Tuesday. That number is the highest during the two-week period following Daylight Saving Time since 2019, police said in the media statement.

In a recent incident, a police helicopter helped nab two suspects in Aurora.

According to police reports, on Saturday, November 12, officers in #1 District Uniform Patrol, along with members of the Canine and Air Support Units, combined to arrest a would-be thief in Aurora as he attempted to flee.

With an unidentified male partner, the suspect used a ladder in an attempt to enter a home through a second-storey window. When the homeowner received an alert from her security cameras, she called the police. Officers on the ground then coordinated with a tactical flight officer high above in Air2 to make the arrest.

The 30-year-old man was arrested but police were still looking to identify the second suspect at the time the statement was issued.

In another incident on the same day, thieves also tried to gain entry to a second-storey window of a house in Vaughan by stacking patio furniture on top of a large heater. When police arrived, the three suspects fled. They are still outstanding.

York police shared several tips on how to prevent break-ins. 

Install a quality deadbolt lock and always lock doors and windows, even on the second floor, police said. Put some interior lights on timers to give thieves the impression you are at home. Ask a friend to pick up mail, shovel snow or park in your driveway if you are away and install a security camera that provides updates to your mobile phone.



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