You can buy everything with money but not your life and time: Arun Mandola


Actor Arun Mandola feels it is very important for all Indian citizens to not delay getting vaccinated, as he emphasised on following the correct process to ensure that everything falls in place and the country becomes Covid-free soon.

The actor said this pandemic has made us think about life and death in a new way, besides making us understand the importance of taking care of our loved ones and our health.

“You can probably buy everything with money, but not life and time. If you want to survive right now, you should be very careful about your physical and mental health. Eat right, drink water, do yoga and meditation for better health,” he told IANS.

Supporting the government’s move on vaccination, he said: “The government has taken the right decision by initiating the process with frontline workers, then the older generation and then opening the slot for 45 years and above and now it’s 18 years and above. Next would be children. We need to follow a process to make things work.”

Arun is yet to take his first dose though.

“The main reason I did not take the vaccination yet is because I feel there are lots of people who need to step out daily, so they should get it first. I can take it later. I want to act responsibly. So, I will urge people not to step out unless it is necessary and take the vaccine as soon as possible. We know there is a shortage of vaccines, but the government is working on it,” he added.