YouTube to add transcription feature to Android app

Google-owned video streaming platform YouTube is bringing video transcriptions to its Android app.

According to Android Police, with this new feature, users do not need to be sitting in front of a computer to scroll through a script.

Once it is live, they can click on the “Show Transcript” button found below a video’s expanded description, sandwiched between any provided chapters and other suggested uploads from the channel.

These transcript options appear pretty similar to what’s been available on desktop for a while now but transposed to a mobile-friendly UI.

Users can scroll through a full script on their phone, either to read along with a video or to jump directly to a timecode.

Unfortunately, without the ability to directly search through lines, it might be a little less useful than the desktop version, the report said.

The report mentioned thatAtranscriptions make it a whole lot easier to search out specific parts of a video.




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