YouTube to split video content into 3 separate tabs

Video streaming platform YouTube has announced a new update that will now split video content across all channel pages into three separate tabs for Shorts, live streams and long-form videos.

The update will make it easier for viewers to discover the kinds of content they are most interested in when exploring a creator’s channel page, YouTube said in a blogpost.

In the Shorts tab, the viewer will only see Shorts. When the viewer is watching Shorts in the Shorts feed and navigate to a creator’s channel from the feed, the viewer will be directed right to this new tab to keep enjoying Shorts.

In the Live tab, viewers will find all streams in this tab including any that are currently active, scheduled, or archived.

However, the Videos tab will continue to house long-form content.

Video users will no longer be able to view Shorts or live streams in the Videos tab in future, it added.

All devices will begin to display the new Shorts and Live tabs next to the classic Videos tab in the coming weeks, according to the company.

Meanwhile, YouTube recently announced that it is rolling out new design elements and product features, including options to zoom in and out for videos, to enhance the user experience on the platform.




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