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Zac Efron almost dies while filming in Papua New Guinea

Los Angeles, Dec 29 (IANS) Hollywood actor Zac Efron was reportedly rushed to Australia from Papua New Guinea after suffering an “extraordinary life-or-death medical emergency”.

A report by The Sunday Telegraph said the 32-year-old was filming a documentary series called “Killing Zac Efron” when he came down with a ‘form of typhoid or similar bacterial infection’ just before Christmas, reports

Efron was flown to Brisbane, Australia from Papua New Guinea on a ‘life-or-death flight’ with the assistance of medical professionals.

After arriving in Brisbane, he was admitted in a private hospital in Spring Hill and is said to be “in a stable condition”. At the hospital, he received treatment for several days, before being “given the all clear” by doctors to fly home to the US on Christmas Eve.

Dr Glenn McKay, Director of Medical Rescue, the organisation that oversaw Efron’s flight, told The Sunday Telegraph that he could not discuss patient information, but confirmed they “retrieved a US citizen in his 30s from PNG to Brisbane for medical attention in Australia”.

It is believed that the Hollywood actor flew to Papua New Guinea at the start of December to film the series, which will follow Efron as he will go deep into the jungle of a remote and dangerous island.




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