Zelensky acknowledges ‘vital’ role played by Western weaponry

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has praised the country’s military for successfully mounting counter-attacks against Russian forces in the country, while also stressing the vital role played by Western weaponry in the conflict.

“In the past week, the Ukrainian army had achieved powerful results in destroying the logistics of the Russian army,” Zelensky said in his Saturday night video address, dpa news agency reported.

“Every strike on the enemy’s ammunition depots, on their command posts, on accumulations of Russian equipment saves the lives of all of us, the lives of Ukrainian military and civilians,” Zelensky added.

Expressing gratitude to Ukraine’s Western partners for their arms deliveries, Zelensky made a point of thanking the United States in particular, following Washington’s recent announcement that it would be supplying Kiev with a further $550 million of weapons.

Nonetheless, the president also called on Ukraine’s allies to supply the country with further military aid.




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