Zohaeb Farooqui keen to learn mixed martial arts for his stunts on screen


‘Inspector Avinash’ actor Zohaeb Farooqui, who is also the nephew of filmmaker Subhash Ghai, is fond of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). He started learning it around 6 years back and shares how he was introduced to the same.

“It was the time when I had some gym injury and the doctor recommended physiotherapy to me. But I ended up hiring a team that does gymnastics and stretching. So I did stretching, improved my flexibility in the body first and then ended up doing MMA,” says the actor, who has been practicing MMA regularly for the last six years without any break.

He adds about the benefits and says: “I’ve been doing stretching and MMA every morning. This routine has made me fit, I feel light and it also gave me the confidence to walk. It also improved my muscle memory to perform stunts and pick up stunts, and all these invite fewer injuries while working out in the gym,” shares the actor.

Recently, he got injured as one can’t deny the risk that is always there in MMA. “Yes! All these things happen while performing stunts. Sometimes some judgments go wrong. Recently, while training, my judgment went for a toss and I ended up with a ligament tear in my right knee. Doctors advised for 6-8 weeks rest. We all make mistakes, after all, we are humans. Now just hoping to get well soon with the help of physiotherapy,” he adds.

Many Bollywood actors want to do their own stunts. So it’s a given that Zohaeb’s MMA knowledge is a big plus. “Obviously I would love to do my own stunts. It gives a great kick to do my own stunts, but only and only under supervision and safety,” he suggests.



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