Zoom gaffe girl #Shweta is now subject of meme song


Internet sensation and musician Mayur Jumani has now turned the hilarious Zoom gaffe of netizen Shweta into a mash-up song.

It all began on Thursday when Shweta forgot to mute a Zoom call she was on, while attending a personal call on the side. The conversation of her private call was out there for all to hear, laced with references to “sex addict”, “dating”, “keeping secrets” and juicy gossip about a “Pandit boy”. The other participants on the Zoom call had naturally tried to hush her up, but by then the incident had gone viral, with memes flying all over social media. The hashtag #Shweta became one of the top trends in India.

Now Jumani, who has made numerous dialogues into mash-ups, has turned Shweta’s chat into a peppy rap number and posted it on Instagram.

Whithin a few hours, the video has garnered over 20K views. In the clip, he plays a keyboard and lends his vocals for the “groovy track”.

On the photo-sharing website, he wrote: “So many requests for this since yesterday, had to do it, Also successfully pulled of 2 in 2 days.”