Zoya Hussain: My ‘Grahan’ character can change gender perceptions


‘Mukkabaaz’ actress Zoya Hussain, who received a positive response for her portrayal of IPS Amrita Singh in TV series ‘Grahan’, recently spoke about how the show and her character can be instrumental in breaking gender perceptions of women in a society that’s dominated by males.

Ahead of International Women’s Day, Zoya spoke as to how the representation of females in mass media is quite limited, “Women’s representation in mass media is often limited to certain sectors. However, with the changing times, they are embracing more and more unconventional roles.”

She considers herself to be very lucky to have portrayed the role of an IPS officer in the TV series, “With ‘Grahan’, I was fortunate enough to play the role of IPS Amrita Singh. With a captivating and engaging story, the character shows the might of a woman on a mission in the series.”

She is hopeful that characters like Amrita Singh can bring about a change when it comes to gender perceptions, “I believe more roles like IPS Amrita Singh can go a long way in breaking gender perceptions of women working in male-dominated forces like the Police and Military.”



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