Friday, July 19, 2024

Adnan Khan’s character tries to get past his childhood trauma in ‘Kathaa Ankahee’

Actor Adnan Khan’s character of Viaan in ‘Kathaa Ankahee’ has transformed from an alpha male to someone who understands and accepts his mistake. He also tries to get past his childhood trauma during the course of the show.

For the actor, this character has been the most challenging role he ever had to essay.

He said: “Anger, hurt, remorse, acceptance, transformation – there’s been so many emotions and layers to this role. Viaan’s patience and his love for Katha has compelled her to face the fact that a miracle may be unfolding in her life, but what remains to be seen is whether she will trust the magic of new beginnings.”

He also shared what he loves about the profession of acting. He mentioned that being an actor has allowed him to explore a range of emotions, feelings, and scenarios that he may not have experienced otherwise.

“That’s something that I find truly rewarding about my work. Also, the creativity involved in creating such intricate emotional scenes, sometimes lead to unexpected moments and experiences for me as a human being,” he added.

‘Kathaa Ankahee’ airs Monday to Friday on Sony Entertainment Television.



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