Thursday, July 25, 2024

AI, automation to require 16.2 mn existing Indian workers to upskill by 2027: Report

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation will require 16.2 million existing Indian full-time employees (FTEs) to be reskilled and upskilled in emerging technologies by 2027, adding 4.7 million new tech jobs and requiring 4.6 million to augment their digital skill-sets, a new report said on Wednesday.

According to the report by ServiceNow and Pearson, the manufacturing sector will experience the greatest automation, with 3.74 million fewer FTEs required in five years, constituting up to 23 per cent of the total automatable workforce across India.

This will be followed by Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing (22 per cent), Wholesale and Retail Trade (11.6 per cent), Transportation and Storage (8 per cent), and Construction (7.8 per cent).

“Businesses that build strong digital foundations will be better placed to grow fast and take cost out while helping people to build skills today that will be needed in the future,” said Kamolika Gupta Peres, Vice President & Managing Director, Indian Sub-Continent, ServiceNow.

According to the report, traditional technology roles, such as Computer Programmers, will be impacted by the rise of generative AI capabilities like text-to-code and can reskill and evolve to become Flow Automation Engineers, Product Owners, Implementation Engineers, Master Architects in the ServiceNow ecosystem.

India’s tech hubs, which have the largest concentration of computer programmers, Karnataka (331,200), Tamil Nadu (323,700), and Telangana (171,300), can gain a significant competitive advantage.

“The macro environment dictates that businesses focus on delivering clear value in the digital economy — and this can be achieved at scale with the right technology to help you to grow fast while taking cost out. Building strong digital foundations will also help your people build skills today that will be needed in the future,” Gupta Peres said.

As part of the ‘Skill India Digital’ campaign’, the government has announced its vision to create a better future for the youth. According to a recent Nasscom study, AI and automation have the potential to add up to $500 billion to India’s GDP by 2025.



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