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Amit Sadh aims to honour dedication of journalists through his film ‘Ghuspaith: Between Borders’

Actor Amit Sadh, who is known for ‘Kai Po Che!’, ‘Breathe’, ‘Sultan’, ‘Super 30’ and ‘Gold’, has shared that with his movie ‘Ghuspaith : Between Borders’, he aims to honour the dedication of Indian journalists.

Directed by Mihir Kalpana Lath, the film is a tribute to Danish Siddiqui, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist. The film is inspired by Danish and his companions’ journey to cross borders, where they encounter bandits and a shocking massacre. After escaping, they face more danger, with Danish ultimately sacrificing himself.

As they reach Indian borders, a gunshot rings out, leaving the audience in suspense about the shooter’s identity, creating a gripping cinematic experience that honours Siddiqui’s legacy.

Talking about why he chose to do this project, Amit shared: “I did this film solely for the love of the craft and to support a young and budding director.I also liked his passion and the way he was prepared for the initial meet. I was simultaneously shooting for another project, schedules kept on changing and it led to me saying no twice to the film, but the love for the art pulled me. Mihir was very diligent about doing the film with me and I felt responsible.”

He further mentioned: “We do short films not for money, but for the love of the art and the people. I did this for the script and for Mihir, he has made a good film. I hope that this can be a good showreel for him. I would like to like JioCinema for giving everyone this platform like a Film Festival that works as a support system for independent film makers.Congratulations to JioCinema for pulling this up.”

“As a photojournalist in this film, I aim to honour the dedication of Indian journalists. Their tireless pursuit of truth, even amid challenges, inspires me. Through my character, I highlight the vital role the media plays in shaping our world,” he added.

The actor shared that as journalists risk their safety to deliver news, a cornerstone of democracy, this film showcases their resilience and sacrifices.

“Portraying a photojournalist deepens my respect for the profession and its societal impact. I hope viewers enjoy the film and gain a renewed appreciation for journalists’ vital work,” he concluded.

‘Ghuspaith: Between Borders’ will drop on JioCinema on October 6.



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