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Amit Sadh, Gulshan Deviah engage in epic showdown in ‘Duranga S2’ trailer

New mysteries brew and come to light as the characters of Gulshan Devaiah and Amit Sadh are engaged in an epic showdown to reclaim their identities in trailer for ‘Duranga S2’.

Director Rohan Sippy’s trailer for the second season of the crime-thriller series ‘Duranga’ has revealed itself to be an even darker and more exciting chapter than the first one.

The trailer for Season 2 picks off from the events of ‘Duranga S1’ which ended on a cliffhanger, leaving audiences both on-the-edge and waiting for more as the protagonist is not exactly what he seems.

In the trailer, we witness the resurgence of the past in Abhishek Banne’s life as Sammit Patel emerges from a 14-year long coma during which his own identity and life have been adopted by someone else.

Abhishek Banne and Sammit Patel are now in a fight for their identities, as one tries to harm the other in an epic showdown with Sammit trying to reclaim his life from the murderous Abhishek Banne.

There is much confusion with identity as the police chase their suspect though not are oblivious to the developments that follow in the wake of murders, as suspicions also begin to brew among the leading investigator that something is off here.

The atmosphere is quite bleak and morose which amps up the intensity even more, making it quite the thrilling experience as the cliffhanger comes to conclusion and several dark secrets comes to light.

‘The psychological-crime-thriller is an adaptation of the popular K-drama series ‘Flower of Evil’. Spanning a total of eight episodes, the series stars Amit Sadh, Drashti Dhami, Gulshan Devaiah in lead roles

Spanning across 8 episodes, ‘Duranga S2’ will premiere on October 24, 2023 on ZEE5.



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