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Andhra Pradesh plans to introduce IB syllabus in govt schools

The Andhra Pradesh government plans to introduce International Baccalaureate (IB) syllabus in the government schools of the state.

Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy said on Tuesday that the day of introducing IB syllabus in government schools is not far.

He was addressing students who topped school and intermediate exams at various levels for the academic year 2022-23 under the ‘Jagananna Animuthyalu’ toppers reward scheme.

“We need to do more in the educational sector like changing the examination system and introducing the IB syllabus at the school level to ensure that our students attain number one positions in their respective fields and become perfect global leaders,” he said.

Stressing that all students should at least complete graduation, the Chief Minister said that reforms have reduced the drop-out rate and government schools have reached a stage wherein corporate schools are trying to compete with them.

“Like your maternal uncle, I will do more for you with the blessings of God,” Reddy said, assuring the students that the government will stand by them in pursuing their educational ambitions.

Reddy also described the rankers as bright minds and shining stars who are the future of Andhra Pradesh.

He said the government has introduced reforms in the educational sector aiming to turn the students into global products equipped with balanced and matured thought attaining the knowledge of emerging and future technologies such as artificial intelligence, data management, machine learning, Chat GPT and other subjects.

“Our students should not be just followers of emerging technologies, they should become the technology leaders,” he said, adding that quality education is required to achieve this goal.

“The day is not far when our students will rule and command the world,” Reddy said.

Emphasising that students and parents should change in tune with the fast-changing educational system across the globe, the Chief Minister called upon them to aim at reaching higher echelons. He also asked the non-rankers not to get disappointed, but aim at big targets.

“We have changed the face of education in government schools with more facilities through Nadu-Nedu, CBSE syllabus and English medium, bilingual textbooks with Byjus content, modern curriculum, subject teacher-concept from Class 3 and digital teaching from Class 6,” he said, adding that training is being imparted to Class 3 students for TOEFL certification with the sole aim of making them attain the best communication skills.

In order to prevent the poor families from falling into the debt-trap because of the children’s educational pursuits, the government has been implementing programmes like Amma Vodi, Jagananna Vidya Kanuka, Vasathi Deevena and Videshi Vidya Deevena and these schemes have boosted the self-confidence of the students and their parents across the state, the Chief Minister said.

A total 42 students who topped in Class 10 and 26 students who achieved group-wise ranks in Intermediate were awarded Animutyalu Awards, while 20 students who have shown excellence in higher education in five categories were felicitated with state excellence awards.

In all, 22,710 students were felicitated with Jagananna Animutyalu Awards across the state.

The awards consist of cash prizes of Rs 1 lakh, Rs 50,000, Rs 15,000 and Rs 3,000 to first rankers in Class 10 at state, district, constituency and school level, respectively. The second rankers got Rs 75,000, Rs 30,000, Rs 10,000 and Rs 2,000, respectively, while the third rankers got Rs 50,000, Rs 15,000, Rs 5,000 and Rs 1,000.

For the rankers in Intermediate courses, Rs 1 lakh, Rs 50,000 and Rs 15,000 was given away as cash prizes at state, district and constituency levels, respectively. Along with the cash awards, medals and certificates were also presented.

On learning about the family problems of two students, the Chief Minister instructed the concerned officials to take necessary action.

A Class 10 girl student told him that her mother has been suffering from lung cancer. The Chief Minister directed the officials to extend necessary medical treatment to the girl’s mother.

Another top ranker informed the Chief Minister that he had become a loner after his care-taker teacher was transferred to a different place.

“After the death of my parents, the teacher had been taking care of me. Now that the teacher has been transferred, there is no one to look after me,” the student said.

The Chief Minister directed the concerned officials to take necessary steps to take care of him.



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