Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Arijit’s leaked samples of ‘Bhool Ja’ embodies tragic romance

Heartbreak seems to be a trending topic in Hindi music these days because apart from Sonu Nigam and Jubin Nautiyal, now a leak has come of Arijit Singh’s upcoming track ‘Bhool Ja’, and on its core, the audio in itself is the embodiment of a tragic romance and a broken heart.

The leak of Arijit Singh’s new song, which has also been touted as the new track from ‘Aashiqui 3’ went viral and was so well received that producers have decided to treat fans to the full track which will now be released as an official new single.

The viral leaks of Arijit Singh’s song ‘Bhool Ja’ has over three versions, all of them raw and all grandiose. There is an acoustic version which is extremely melancholic and bleak, a remixed version that has a more modern flair, and an orchestral edition that has the most romantic feeling of all.

The acoustic sound is the most rooted due to a level of simplicity which tonally adds a more realistic feel to the whole thing. In contrast, the remixed version has a bunch of electronic sampling that gives off a more modernistic pop feel which sounds more reminiscent of the daily romance pop tracks.

The orchestral edition hypes up the romantic sound and sounds incredibly grand. All three have a strong feeling of tragic love, as from the lyrics it would seem that Arijit’s own song is about forgetting either the old lost love, or just letting go of the feeling altogether.

‘Bhool Ja’ seems to be about letting go of the heartbreak from the past or forget ever having your own love reciprocated.

Given that the song is a Bhushan Kumar production, it is done incredibly well with a massive sound design which is shining and booming, yet a bit restrained with top notch sound design. ‘Bhool Ja’ official song will come out on T-Series YouTube channel on October 6.



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