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Ashutosh Kulkarni’s winter cravings includes vada pav, poha

Actor Ashutosh Kulkarni has shared his favourite winter snack, and said how he seeks solace in vada pav, pakoras, poha and tea.

As winter approaches, joy fills the air, igniting a strong urge to travel and indulge in our favourite seasonal delicacies.

Talking about the winter cravings, Ashutosh said: “Embracing the enchantment of Pune or Mumbai, the winter season never fails to ignite a spark of excitement within me. The winter season never fails to kindle a sense of exhilaration within me. The entire region undergoes a breathtaking metamorphosis as cold breezes dance among the lush foliage.”

“In this enchanting moment, I seek solace in the divine blend of ‘garam vada pav’ and ‘bhaji’ (pakoras). Additionally, relishing a steaming plate of ‘poha’ or ‘sabudana vada’ paired with a cup of ‘chaha’ (tea) holds a special place in my heart. As a Punekar, food is an integral part of our existence, and discovering incredible eateries to indulge in delightful dishes is a cherished pursuit,” he shared.

The actor added: “Not confined to winters alone, I make time in every season to savour my beloved Misal Pav and thaalipeeth, yet winters seem to infuse these experiences with added layers of flavour.”

The actor is currently essaying Krishna Bihari Vajpayee in the show ‘Atal’. It airs on &TV.



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