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Bawaal over ‘Bawaal’ teaser: Twitterati outraged over reference to holocaust

  The teaser of the upcoming Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor-starrer film ‘Bawaal’, which was unveiled on Wednesday has received polarising reactions from the people on the Internet. While many people appreciated the teaser of the film, a section of users on the Internet feels that the makers shouldn’t have made reference to gas chamber in Nazi Germany.

As the Nazi party took hold of major parts of Europe and the Scandinavian, it unleashed a barrage of hate crime against the Jewish population in Poland, Hitler’s homeland of Austria, Germany and other parts of Europe.

Six million European Jews were killed in one of the deadliest documented crimes against humanity by the Nazis. It was also the first time when people were killed on an industrial scale during World War 2.

The last shots of ‘Bawaal’ teaser are installed in what seems like a gas chamber and shows people gasping for breath as a person shuts the window of the entrance on them. Several users took to Twitter to express their anger over alleged “romanticisation of holocaust” in the film.

One user wrote: “n*tesh t*wari is f****** insane…you don’t use a tragedy on the scale of holocaust to portray basic romantic strife..and then to show a gas chamber scene??? all my expectations for this film went out of the window.”

Another wrote: “Was that a gas chamber in the final shot of the teaser?”

One person on Twitter enquired: “#Bawaal teaser .. WHAT? What does that mean? I mean- what … what is it idk……. Let’s wait for a trailer ig (sic).” A fourth person wrote: “Wtf happened in the last?! I got goosebumps. Were they inside a gas chamber in a concentration camp?! #Bawaal.”

The Jews, who were used as forced labour in several concentration camps like Auschwitz-Birkenau, Treblinka, Belzec, Sobibor, and Chełmno by the Nazis, were killed using Zyklon-B manufactured by the Pharma giant Bayer. As the World War 2 ended, the Nazis were tried and punished in the Nuremberg trials for waging war against humanity and for their shameful act of exterminating over six million people.



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