Thursday, July 25, 2024

Bear attack in K’taka: Farmer killed before onlookers, body dragged into jungle

An incident of a farmer getting killed after being attacked by a bear was reported from Belagavi district of Karnataka on Monday. The incident took place in Ghosebadruka village near Khanapura town.

The deceased farmer is identified as 63-year-old Bheekaji Mirashi. The bear attacked him while he was working in his farm and killed him as others looked on in fear. The bear dragged the body of the farmer for two kilometres into the forest before abandoning it.

The bear had attacked the farmer in the presence of other people working at the farm. Though they made noise and threw stones, the bear did not stop.

The incident took place on Sunday created panic and fear among the local residents. The villagers have demanded that the family of the deceased farmer should be compensated and action should be taken to prevent the entry of wild animals into villages.

The case has been registered with Khanapura police station.



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