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Biophilic French design commingles class and comfort

New Delhi, July 13 (IANSlife) Leena Monga, the founder of Agnom Designs, created her most recent project in Vasant Kunj as an outgrowth of and inspiration from the French countryside with an emphasis on biophilic components. It offers a quiet, calm retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The Biophilic French design of this home was inspired by the idea of biophilia, which is the term for the innate human desire to connect with nature. It is characterised by a thoughtful blending of natural elements, like greenery and wood, sewn together with French architectural styles known for their elegance and sophistication.

Spanned across 11,000 sq ft in Vasant Kunj, Villa Verdure encompasses four extravagant bedrooms and palatial lounge areas. Encased in an elegant atmosphere that is both calming and comfortable, the use of natural materials becomes the highlight of the design. From the moment you walk in, the expression of magnificence and grandiosity overtake your senses. An 8 ft diameter custom made chandelier and an inspired chess piece console made out of marble blocks of travertine and black Marquina, creates a sense of luxury upon arrival in the foyer. Though natural materials like stone, wood, and textiles impart warmth and create an inviting space to relax and unwind. The strategic placement of windows brings in natural light and fresh air, while lush plants and foliage give a feeling of connection with nature. The ample onset of natural light speaks to the seamless integration of the indoors with the outdoors. Earthy hues such as green and brown are used frequently to mimic the colours of nature.

The style is set off by chequered flooring, marble tables and consoles, opulent chandeliers, and the black and gold trim on the staircase railing. The living area is extravagantly decorated with gold wall trim. Each aspect, which is divided into three separate seating areas, is emphasised with plush upholstery and metallic tones and lit by chandeliers and wall sconces. Indoor plants are utilised to lend a touch of nature indoors, foster a relaxing environment, and give a space a natural texture. The casual lounge is decorated in deeper colours with a sense of mystery on the upper floor.

The soft curves, ornate details, and intricate mouldings of French design are used to create the master bedroom design. A harmonious blend of natural and organic styles with refined elegance, it is a canvas of grey with tints of silver marshalled in a classy minimal setup. With splashes of blue and yellow on a grey backdrop, the son’s bedroom is elevated with a quirky personalised carpet, cushions and charming decor pieces. Pervaded with colours yet preserving the delicacy, is the daughter’s room. With a four poster bed, a corner play area and soft furniture pieces, the room is swathed with natural light. The guest room is crafted in beige and taupe hues. A rusty pop of colour furnished by lounge chairs creates a sense of balance and harmony. Wall mouldings realised across the house continue their trail in this room as well.

“Overall, biophilic French design creates a comfortable, organic aesthetic that enhances the beauty of the natural world and brings joy to the living spaces. This interior design merges grandeur with the elegance of French design and the calming embrace of nature, resulting in an environment that is both beautiful and serene,” says Leena Monga, Founder & Principal Designer at Agnom Designs.

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