Monday, July 15, 2024

ChatGPT witnesses record visits of 14.6bn over the past year: Report

OpenAI’s artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ChatGPT has witnessed a record total traffic of 14.6 billion over the past year, a new report said on Monday.

Averaging at 1.5 billion visits every month, ChatGPT dominated the chart by accounting for a staggering 60.17 per cent of the entire traffic, according to the AI-powered writing assistant

This platform witnessed a positive net traffic growth of 1.8 billion, translating to an average monthly growth of 195.1 million visits.

According to the report, the AI industry saw an average of two billion visits monthly over the past year, with a surge to 3.3 billion in the last 6 months.

The report studied over 3,000 AI tools by scraping data from various directories that list AI tools.

From these, it isolated the top 50 most visited tools, which reflect over 80 per cent of the AI industry’s traffic, over the studied period (September 2022 to August 2023).

The report also mentioned that ChatGPT dominated the AI tool sector with an average usage duration of 30 minutes. The AI chatbot saw its highest usage in the US (2.7 billion), followed by India (1.3 billion) and Brazil (847 million). The majority of its audience (58 per cent) accessed the platform via mobile devices.

“Notably, the gender distribution leans towards male users at 74.16 per cent. With an average engagement of nearly 10 minutes per session, ChatGPT hovers around the average in terms of engagement, indicating a potential area for improvement,” the report said.

Meanwhile, other AI chatbots like Character AI, Google Bard, and Perplexity AI collectively hold a noteworthy 18.69 per cent of the chatbot market’s monthly visits.

Character AI witnessed 3.8 billion visits in the same period, while Google Bard witnessed 241.6 million visits. Character AI and Google Bard experienced net traffic growth of 463.4 million and 68 million visits, respectively.



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