Monday, June 17, 2024

Complete victory in Gaza will push away future wars: Israel Defence Minister

Israel Defence Minister Yoav Gallant said that a complete win for Israel in Gaza will push away future wars for a long time.

He also said that the fight in Gaza is a local one, but it has impact over the whole of Middle East.

Gallant said that the ground operation of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has entered the Hamas strongholds and is attacking them.

He said the Hamas knows only the word of power and the more Israel attacks them, they will release the hostages taken from within Israel.

Gallant, who is a retired General of the IDF, added that if Israel does not give a fitting reply to Hamas for what it had done on October 7, other regional players willl also be emboldened to attack Israel.

He said the results of Israel’s operations should be two things — one to achieve tactical results in the field, and second to influence and provide example to anyone who wants to test the state of Israel in the future.



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