Monday, July 15, 2024

Cong supporting terrorists in Palestine: Ex-K’taka CM Bommai

Former Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai has accused the Congress of supporting terrorists in Palestine.

Answering a question in Hubballi on Tuesday, Bommai said, “It is an international matter. Israel and Palestine have been inconfrontation for years. The present attacks on Israel were carried out by Hamas outfit terrorists. Hamas members are not the official citizens of Palestine.

“The Congress party is concealing this fact from the people and it is supporting terrorists who are holed up in Palestine. All terrorists should be seen as terrorists at the international level. Innocents, women, children and theaged are attacked with bombs and guns. This can’t be supported by any community or society.

“But, the Congress resorting to appeasement politics over the crisis is a big tragedy,” he charged.

Questioned on CM Siddaramaiah initiating a probe on the development works carried out during the previous BJP government, Bommai said that the probe be conducted on works carried out in all departments. No one is sayingno. The works are complete, including in Bengaluru. The government has not cleared bills of projects which are completed. Let them first clear bills and then later conduct inquiries.”

He further said, “The Congress is suffering from a central government stroke. For everything, they are pointing fingers at the Centre. Whether it is the Cauvery issue,the Union government is dragged. Now, for the power crisis as well, the Congress government is pointing fingers at the Centre. The crisis should not have come if the coal had been supplied to the electricity manufacturing units in the state.”

He stated the weak financial position and inefficient management of the production of electricity are resulting in a big crisis. Ensuring electricity to the state is the responsibility of the state government. The central government distributes power depending on availability, he said.



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