Friday, July 12, 2024

Delhi man kills father, priest at crematorium detects blade marks, calls cops

A man slit his father’s throat with a blade in west Delhi, police said on Friday, adding that the incident came to light when the accused took his father’s body for last rites and the blade marks were noticed by a priest.

According to the police, upon receiving information, the local team from Punjabi Bagh police station arrived at the Shamshan Ghat Paschim Puri.

The supervisor of the cremation ground, Sanjeev Chauhan, reported that an individual named Rinku Yadav had brought the body of his father, identified as Satish Yadav, a resident of Madipur village, for cremation.

“However, during the cremation ceremony, the priest noticed surgical incisions on the neck and forearm of the deceased. He promptly informed Rinku about his observation, but Rinku failed to provide a satisfactory explanation. Suspecting foul play, the priest made a PCR call and contacted the police,” said a senior police official.

Rinku was then interrogated about the circumstances surrounding his father’s death.

“After persistent interrogation, he admitted to murdering his father with a blade. He explained that his father had a history of alcohol abuse and had been causing significant disruptions in the family,” said the official.

“Overwhelmed by his father’s drinking habits, Rinku decided to take matters into his own hands and slit his father’s throat with a blade on Thursday morning,” said the official, adding that a murder case has been filed, and the accused has been arrested.



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