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Discontent in BJP over B. Y. Vijayendra’s appointment as party’s state chief : Siddaramaiah

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Saturday said saffron party leaders are dissatisfied over appointment of BJP MLA B. Y. Vijayendra as party’s state president.

“BSY’s son Vijayendra has been made the party’s state president, leaving many of his party leaders unhappy. Everyone will witness BJP’s situation shortly,” Siddaramaiah said while interacting with mediapersons here.

Responding to former Chief Minister B. S. Yediyurappa’s statement that BJP will come back to power even if the elections are held today, Siddaramaiah said “he is sitting in the opposition party after getting only 66 seats in the elections.

Siddaramaiah further stated that the government is creating a peaceful atmosphere in the state without indulging in hate politics. He said that a fitting reply will be given in the upcoming assembly session to the BJP’s allegations of corruption against the state government.

Commenting on the election of BJP’s R. Ashoka as the leader of the opposition in the state Assembly, the chief Minister said that “we are not worried about who is the opposition leader. Our Congress government, which has formed the government with the blessings of the people, is fulfilling the promises it made to the people.”

Reacting to BJP’s poster movement against Congress, Siddaramaiah said that people have taught BJP a “proper lesson”.

“The BJP and JD(S) had dreamt of forming a coalition government. But the fact that Congress won 136 seats has made them anxious and hence they are making meaningless statements,” Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said.

Responding to JD(S) chief Kumaraswamy’s statement that the Congress is showing “Kaurava culture” towards him, Siddaramaiah said Kumaraswamy has never proved his allegations.

“Kumaraswamy is into politics of hatred and jealousy. JD(S) who got 38 seats has now come down to 19 seats. There is no need to reply to their false accusations,” he said.

Responding to Kumaraswamy’s statement that there was a lot of information in the pen drive and the ruling party had asked him not to reveal it, Siddaramaiah said “why did he not mention it even though the assembly session was held after his pen drive statement? Let him provide information about who requested non-disclosure of the pen drive.”

“Kumaraswamy, who has stolen power as a former chief minister, has no moral right to make such statements. He has accepted the crime of electricity theft by paying fine,” Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that “a crime is a crime even if it is small”



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