Thursday, July 18, 2024

‘Do an act of philanthropy for me on my bday’: King to fans

Rapper King, who is currently making waves with his latest single ‘Sarkaare’ has received much love on his birthday from fans.

In a special request to his fans, the singer has asked his fans to do an act of philanthropy, which for him will be enough of a birthday present.

The ‘Maan Meri Jaan’ is celebrating his birthday on Tuesday in much style and complimenting that, the singer is being showered with immense love from fans worldwide.

The rapper requested his fans to help the poor, needy, and the underprivileged strata of society with their money, instead of using it to buy and send gifts to him.

Taking to his social media handle, King wrote: “Instead of sending me gifts, my well-wishers can help the needy ones on 10/10. Honestly, that will be the best gift for me. Thank you.”

Since his birthday came, the ‘Tu Aake Dekhle’ hitmaker’s social media has been flooded with messages from netizens, all of whom are sending their warm wishes in order to congratulate him on this special day.

Sharing a glimpse from his birthday, the musician shared a picture of him enjoying an Indian home-cooked meal with his loved ones while seeking blessings from the almighty.

The rapper is also gearing up for the release of his latest album ‘New Life’ which is just days away.

Having unveiled a few singles from his album such as ‘Crown’ and ‘Sarkaree’, the new album incorporates various elements ranging from electronic to gangsta rap, andwill drop on October 18.

Composed, sung and written by King, ‘New Life’ will be released under The Warner Music India label.



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