Friday, July 19, 2024

Ensure mentioning of sellers’ details for consumers’ awareness: Delhi HC to e-commerce platforms

The Delhi High Court has observed the obligation of e-commerce platforms to provide complete details of sellers on their websites to ensure consumer awareness.

Justice Prathiba M. Singh, who presided over the case, was hearing a suit filed by Tibra Collection, a clothing brand, against various entities for advertising and selling copied garments on the e-commerce platform Meesho.

“There is also an obligation upon the e-commerce platform to ensure that the complete details of the sellers are available on the platform so that the consumer is aware of the sellers from whom the product has been purchased and the entity, who is listing the product,” Justice Singh observed.

The court noted that the defendants were misusing Tibra Collection’s product images and designs, and, in some instances, deliberately concealing the copying.

Justice Singh said that it is a case where the defendant were completely misusing the plaintiff’s product and listing images as well as the product design to monetarily ride on its reputation.

As a result, the court issued an ad-interim injunction order, restraining known defendants and other sellers on the Meesho platform from reproducing, copying, publishing, or imitating any of Tibra Collection’s clothing designs or images, including photographs.

The court also asked to disclose detailed information about the sellers, such as their addresses, mobile numbers, email addresses, total sales, GST details, and payments made to the sellers.

“If there are any payments, which are still to be made by the Defendant No.1 to the sellers, the same shall be held back till further orders,” the court ordered.



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