Ex ‘MasterChef India’ contestants team up with current ones to craft unmatched culinary experience on show

The heat is going to turn up in the ‘MasterChef India’ kitchen as the show welcomes former contestants from the last season to spice up the competition.

The culinary showdown willsee a reunion as the top 6 contestants from the last season.

They will be paired with current home cooks for the challenge that pushes the boundaries of gastronomical brilliance.

The task will involve the current home cooks to create delectable dishes using the favourite ingredients of the former contestants.

Home cook Suraj Thapa collaborates with ex-contestant Kamaldeep Kaur to take on the challenge of transforming Karela (Bitter Gourd) into a culinary masterpiece.

Nidhi Sharma teams up with former contestant Aruna Vijay to work their magic with Imli (Tamarind).

Rukhsaar Sayeed and Santa Sarmah tackle Maan Dhaniya, while Kriti Dhiman and Gurkirat Singh experiment with Assorted Berries.

Mohammed Aashiq partners with Nayanjyoti Saikia, the winner of a previous ‘MasterChef India’ season, to create a dish using Fermented Soybeans.

Sharing his thoughts on the challenge, Chef Vikas Khanna said: “The return of our ex-contestants added an incredible twist to the competition. They brought their invaluable experiences to the table and creativity in the kitchen was at an all-time high. Witnessing the fusion of this season’s talent with expertise of previous seasons was a sight to behold. It was inspiring to see these culinary forces unite and create masterpieces on a plate.”

Kamaldeep Kaur reflects on her journey, stating, “ ‘MasterChef India’ has given me an identity. The exposure has been immense and I have been flooded with collaboration requests. This challenge was a roller-coaster ride and I cherished every moment spent with the home cooks. I believe all of them have a lot of potential to make their mark in the culinary world.”

Among the top 9 home cooks running for the title of ‘MasterChef India’, six participate in this unique challenge, with Nambie Jessica Marak, Kenneth G, and Subhojit Sen securing their safety in the competition.

The pairings and ingredients for this challenge are nothing short of exciting.

‘MasterChef India’ streams on Sony LIV.



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